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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yesterday what happened? anyone can recall it? maybe to most of u.. ur memory of this yesterday still kinda fresh.. but what happened to your yesterday's yesterday? The same thing might occurred to a bunch of u.. but the yesterday that u remembered and felt might varies accordingly..

U can take away your yesterday from ur memory.. but u can never take away one's yesterday by asking them to forget about it.. it is just like.. emmm.. u can never ask someone to stop hating u because u wan them to do so.. everything happens for a reason.. the reason for them to hate u.. or love is.. doesn't come from one day or two.. it happened because of something u did.. by purpose or accident.. the yesterday that u remembered might just be a small issue to u.. but it might be a huge issues to others...

However, I'm glad of who I'm today for what ever that happened yesterdays.. I know at times life is hard on me.. and I've been going through each and everyday with a hope that tomorrow will be a better day..we can decide our tomorrow.. but we can change nothing of what that had happened.. we can't change yesterday...I always believe that everything happens for a reason.. and it is to taught us and so.. .. let's make our tomorrow a better day based on what we learn from "yesterday"?

A great son sang by Leona Lewis.. I dedicate to all of u .. hope you all will enjoyed it.

Yesterday by Leona Lewis

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