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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TANK - 專屬天使,如果我變成回憶,全世界都停電

I know I have not been updating my blog for few days d.. miss me? hahaha.. tat's y I'm gonna intro tis 3 songs all together today..

As Wat I've said before.. every songs has a story.. and this song has a story itself.. or at least.. it will remind me of a story of mine.. I have not been hearing tis song for sometime.. because it will remind me of someone.. the title of this song, "Angle of Mine"..

“我不会怪你对我的伪装,天使在人间是该藏好翅膀, 人们愚蠢鲁莽而你纤细善良,怎能让你 为了我被碰伤。。。”
This are the first few line of the lyrics.. "I will not blame u for pretending, angels should hide their wings when they are around mankind, humans have always been careless and reckless but u have been kind and careful, how can I let u get hurt because of me... "enough to touch me..

I'm sure people from all around the world have been trying really hard to find angel that belong to themselves.. angels that are in disguised.. angel that belong to ones, right? Are you angel of mine? Am I angel of yours? Will you be mine and mine alone? I have no idea why.. almost every time when I listen to this song, my eyes will be filled with tears.. maybe .. if u listen to this song closed enough.. u might just understand wat I meant by all these..

TANK - 專屬天使

Second song by Tank, "If I become memory"..Have u ever wonder if.. one day u become a part of a memory of someone that meant alot to u ? He sang out it out loud..
"..如果我变成回忆 退出了这场生命,留下你坐挨哭泣,我冰冷身体 拥抱不了你
想到我让深爱的你仍还孤独旅行 我会恨自己 如此狠心.

如果我变成回忆 终于没那么幸运,没机会白着头发 满山牵着你 看晚霞落去, 漫长时光总有一天你会伤心痊愈 , 若有人可以 让他给你 我不怪你.

如果我变成回忆 最怕我单独终极 ,顽固的烂在空气 不整理心里每一寸空隙 ,原来依然爱我的你总哭 承受失去 ,这样不公平 请你整理 把我忘记...."

" If I become apart of ur memory, quit from this life, left u alone cryin over my cold body, unable to hug u close to me, thinking of leaving my beloved u alone on this journey of life, I will hate myself for bein this cruel..

If I become apart of ur memory, being so unlucky, not being able to grow old with u, holding ur hand to see the sunset.. one day, your wounds will cured and sadness will grow apart, if there is someone that can give u all these, please allow him to stay by u, I will not blame u for that..

If I become apart of ur memory, afraid of loneliness,refuse to tidy up all those feeling,at that moment, realised that u still loved me so, crying, and accepting all these lost, this is so not fair, please tidy up ur feelin, and forget about me... "
Tank - 如果我變成回憶

This is another new song by Tank, "Black out around the world".
When you are shut down by someone so dear to ur heart.. this will be the song that tell ur story.. because u will feel so alone.. no matter how hard u tried to call out loud that u miss this someone, no one will hear it.. being disappointed to the max, u will start to get tired.. Try to listen to this song.. and tell me.. do u feel wat I felt? do u feel wat he felt, black out around the world..

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