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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stories of its own..

Ever heard of this phrase "There is always a woman behind every successful man"? Yes.. no doubt..there is always a story behind one successful man.. a story that keeps him striving hard to reach his gold.. a source that keeps him motivated and keeps on going despite all the failure and all the rough paths.. the woman can be his beloved one.. or even his mom.. or maybe his daughter?.. one that always understand him.. will still stand by him even though she knows clearly that he can hardly have time for her.. being this "understanding".. is somehow extraordinary.. yet.. she managed to stand by him and be supportive..Have u ever wonder.. will the guys actually think that.. it is a duty of the woman to do so? Will the guys actually take this type of "understanding" for granted and see it as a "must" for each and every woman to do so for the guys?

Let me tell you something guys.. NO!! This is NOT the DUTY of the female to do so!!but if they decided to do that for u .. congrat!! you are one lucky guy!! but if they failed to do so.. maybe you should have a second thought.. that maybe .. somewhere in the middle of the path.. did u somehow.. forgot their existence and so.. it is somehow.. not their fault but ur fault?? right?

Ok.. let's turn the story the other way round.. have you ever wonder.. why so many successful women nowadays stay single? or maybe.. you hardly hear the phrase of " There is a man behind every successful woman" ? no no.. i don't mean no at all.. there are such story that I've heard.. and even see with my bare eyes.. but as compared.. the percentage.. is so much lower as compared to those single one.. why? that.. let's ask the guys.. First and for most.. can you guys handle the truth that.. your gal is earning more than you? will you feel bit offended or uncomfortable? From wat I see.. most of you will feel uncomfortable.. because of your egoism ? Heh.. let's think it the other way round.. can u see or even take your egoism to buy something like maybe a nice house or even a bread? No? ok.. but with the extra money earned from the higher paid.. you can buy breads.. or even houses.. so.. which is better?

Yes.. I know we woman have always be the known as the "understanding" one.. Traditionally,woman has to wait for the her guy to come bck from home no matter how late it is.. and they are bck.. your face should not turn "dark" when you face them.. but in stead.. with a smile.. and maybe prepare supper for them? Very much ideal ?!.. Well.. guys.. I said TRADITIONALLY ?hahaha.. ok.. If we turn this story the other way round.. If his girl come home from wrk late at night.. do you think you guys can actually wait for her to come home with a smile.. and maybe massage for her after a long tiring day of work ?.. Can you actually be understanding enough to bare with the truth that.. she is working so much harder to earn money for this family that she might have that much time for u ?.. Can you guys be "understanding"?

I have been wrking lately at Cosway owned by a woman.. she has a family..and I categorized her as one successful woman because she owned 2 Cosway shops.. in the same time, I pity her.. Despite being so busy and stress at work.. she has to face alot of unnecessary stress from her family- her not- understanding husband. Can you imagine.. when she is handling so many customers at wrk.. and she handle it with a smiles on her face... a moment later.. at the store room.. while talking to her husband on phone.. she is facing him with tears.. If he can be bit more understanding.. if one man can understand how hard it is to be a wrking woman and also a wife.. finding a balance point of both is hard enough.. what more if you are tryin so so hard to giv in both.. and the other one failed to see it and insisted for more.. you get wat i mean ?!..

I'm not saying that.. all guys are not understanding.. but what I'm trying to say or asking for is.. please try to be understanding.. being a woman is hard enough.. as a working woman.. we faced most of the problem like a working man .. but wat more is.. we will have to face the risk of harassment.. imagine yourself working so so hard at wrk.. and when u reach home.. you will want a place where you know you can finally have some peace and a place to rest and "recharged" right? We hope for the same.. but for a working woman with family.. they faced the risks of having a not so understanding husband that might cont. to giv u a hard time until maybe you fall asleep.. sad case? yes.. and this is why most of the successful woman stay single? maybe.. so.. who to blamed? you tell me.. maybe .. and maybe.. if guys can help his gal to find a balance point by motivating her, supporting her.. and maybe be bit more understanding.. everyone can stay happy? maybe.. or maybe you can tell me your point of views of all these??


  1. Hmmm... Both man & woman are created wif a purpose... We are meant 2 co-exist wif another..

    In tis modern age, da mentality & perception of life among most ppl have advance so much in a way tat gettin married or starting a family's no longer a necessity... D attention they diverge to is none other than... their career!

    I think tat single woman these days are able 2b successful bcos they hav no commitment.. they need not worry 4 their children's welfare... or even worry tat their husbands are having an affair wif another woman...

    Let's face it! Woman are created 2b emotional! I'm not saying ALL... but most are... So, having a family's indeed a liability 4 women who're really serious in their career... To them, not having a family's a luxury...

    Ouch... Wat am i blabbering about?!

    Back 2wat u said, 'some' men are not understanding... Interesting! I can only come out wif 2 relevant conclusion..

    1st, love is blind... Both d men & women re delusionalized by da word 'love' tat only after marriage tat they c their 'true color' & only realized it's already too late... Thus, their marriage goes 4a downturn & they quarrel then divorce etc etc... So, husbands became 'not understandin' wif da reason they believe their marriage's not working somehow... Thus, they put on their yeah-wateva-wateva-wateva mask & tis definitely piss da women off... Reality's sometimes cruel...

    2nd, alrite... tis may sound a little male chauvinistic... Well, let's just keep an open mind k... Da reality in most relationship's da controlling issue... WIVES have da GREATEST tendency or perhaps desire 2 overule their husbands... I'm not making tis up... :) Look around... ~_~"

    Moving on, most husbands LOVE their wives vry much... to d extend... they giv in 2 their wives... Over a certain period of time, da wives somehow become vry 'powerful'... leavin da men suppressed in their secluded little cave of loneliness... As time went by, women complain their husbands are not understandin... which in actual fact.. d other way round.. so, tat's probably one of d factor..

    Mayb.. d men somehow just SUCK! N i dun understand y (no offense) women are so dumb 2 actually fall 4 men like tat... Well, then again.. love is blind... Relationships are built fr trust, perseverance & tolerance 4 each other's differences blah blah blah...

    1 last thin 2 share... d phrase "there's always a woman behind every successful man"... I can't deny da fact tat it's pretty true.. but tat doesn't mean men can't stand on their own feet & b successful without women...

    Ya noe, just keepin' it real! D reason why most men have a woman in their lives is perhaps their passion & desire 4 sex... Rather than adrenaline rush, tis's more of testosterone rush... So, if u c in another perspective, tis's more of women taking credit of a man's success as a result of their sexual desire 2hav a woman in their lives for tat purpose...

    LMAO! I was bullshitting in d last paragraph... Blurr dy.. din notice i wrote so much... Fingers pain dy... U asked for any1's pt of view... N here it's... XP!

    Hav a nice day^^

  2. u wanna noe y guys are not so much being known as emotional? because they know well that the woman will be able to handle the questions that pops up with their family? correct? tat's y women are known as emotional.. because most of them feel free to express their concern.. while guys.. u will think that it is not manly at all to express all those emotion of urs?

    u wanna know y woman tend to "over control" guys? hav u ever hav a second thought that.. the problem might just due to the fact that.. the guys failed to giv the basic need in a relationship- security? when u are married to a gal.. it does not mean that u don have to care for her and be there for her d k !! and when u found someone better.. u can start to have affair wit someone else? this is wat that is feared by most woman.. and causes the controlling to occur.. if u can assure her and giv her the basic need of security.. maybe all these won happen ? or in other words.. if she can be sure that u will not have any affair.. do u think she will control u until..

    Come on.. u are saying as though we gal are sex machine and we are needed just for that occasion.. this shows no respect at all ok !! pls do respect us!! we are not here for u .. and u are not here for us!! I know it well.. and if one day, u decided to be with someone.. u will learn to compromise.. the easiest way of all to deal with all problem.. is not silence treatment k!! through communication.. u will know wat is needed..

    So, I would like to conclude that.. I never say.. in anyway that.. man can never be success without a woman.. but the fact that, if they have a woman behind them to support them.. and to take care of every other things in life for them.. they will be able to concentrate more and achieve greater success.. right ?



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