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Monday, July 6, 2009


The other day when I was chatting with my mom, she told me something really funny about a kid in her kindergarten. When she was teaching them about the uses of our legs.. spontaneously, one of the naughty student answered her "legs can be used to kick people!".. I seriously have no idea how kids "evolved".. how can an innocent kid turn into so violent? The truth is, we used legs to walk our "desired" paths.. to be who we are today.. and to be the one that we hope we will be.. at least this is what I think..

The use of hand? we can create something of out it.. and in the same time, one bad thought, one bad move.. we can destroy something or even someone out of it.. but the truth is, have you ever had a deep though of the wonders of your hands?

When we were just a kid.. a hand is what we need for assurance.. for a sign of "it is ok and safe to go ahead" because we know clearly.. with our small hand.. there will always be this big hand that will hold tightly to ours on our every steps..

As we grow bit older,when we start to make friends.we will know that where ever we go.We are not alone.Because they will be someone that will accompany us through each steps too. Even when we know that we might fall, we know that we are never alone and that it is ok to be afraid.. because there is always someone that are afraid too.

When we are old enough to know and love someone other than our family, hands is what that will make each other feel secured. When you are lost, we will need each others hand to guide you out. Someone used to tell me this: There is a reason why god created human with gap between our fingers, as there will be this someone's fingers that will fit perfectly.

Have you found this someone? I remembered few years back when I was working in a shop while waiting for my result. I saw this one old couple that touched my heart so so deeply.. Frankly speaking, how often do you see old couple holding hands when they are out shopping? I hardly even see married couples holding hands.. what more old couples?

Yes, at the beginning when you had been with this someone for the first few years.. you will try your best to hold her hands so tight just to make you feel that she will stick and be with you where ever you go.. but as time goes by, you will "conveniently" forget her presence.. you might even start to take things for granted.. start to feel bored with her on your every sight..and maybe this is another reason married couples hardly hold hands when they are out? because they are too convenient with the current situation that they might have forgotten what it was like to hold each others hand, to assure that things will be ok?

I once discuss this issue with someone.. and somehow make this someone made a promise.. that he will have to remember to hold the hand of his special one no matter how old they are.. I know it is somehow a stupid promise.. and a stupid act.. but seriously.. it is not something that they should be ashamed of.. The miracle of one's hand can affect the other one.. Maybe it might not be this someone special.. but you remembered this someone that guide you through your first walk? this someone that assure you that it is ok to continue to walk even after you have fall for few times in your life? Bare in mind that one day, this someone will need you to guide them through their life when they are can bare walk, can barely see without their glasses.. Maybe it is time for you to holg their hands.. to assure them that.. it is ok to continue walking.. becuase you will be there holding their hands through their steps of life.. and so.. will you do so ?! Will you promise me that you will continue to hold the hand of this special one in your life regardless of how old you have become?!

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