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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

陈洁仪 -家 (HOME)

There is no place like home.. this is what i really felt when I'm far away from home.. I don't know of others.. but I think.. home is a place where all of us are looking for no matter where you are.. how you look like.. where are are heading too.

Some people find home at their working place.. a place where people "recognized" them.. agreed with them for who they are.. and that's why they love working so so much.. some people find home at church.. where they want others to join their "big family" .. where they find themselves, find their confidence to continue with life..Some people find home when they are with someone.. and intended to build a family with that someone.. because they make them someone special, comfortable.. make them feel stronger and have the courage and strength to walk further..I find my home.. deep in my heart.. a place where I'm very much comfortable to be at.. a place where I will miss so so much when I'm apart from it.. and a place where I will be welcome back all the time.. with a warm hug.. and huge smile.. and a saying of "Welcome home my dear"

My home is somewhere that I belong.. somewhere that will accept me for who I'm, love me for who I'm.. and a place that will always welcome me back regardless of what.. a shelter that i can rely on.. this is my home or at least.. the home I idealized ..
Question of the day : Where is your home ??

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