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Sunday, June 7, 2009


For those that know me well, you will definitely know that I love dogs.. in fact, I'm used to have dogs by my side ever since I was born as I was told so.. But, I can only remember this 5 dogs in my life which 4 of them are still with me.

Actually, I won easily get attached with people around me.. what more dogs.. I tend to build a shield or wall all around me.. I tend to isolate myself from the people around me.. maybe that's why people think I'm cold and ego maybe.. but once the wall is broken.. I'm actually a nice and friendly gal.. at least I think so..

I remembered I used to be so afraid of dogs that when my dad bring my dogs for walk and when they pass by me.. i tend to climb the table or even my parent's car so that the dog won't go near me.. Now, I tend to run to them when I'm home.. hahaha.. things change.. people change.. I changed too.

I miss Jacky which died a year ago.. he had been by my side for 13 years.. He died last year..although he never seems to break the wall between us.. but I still miss him occasionally.


The second dog in my life.. Ranger.. he is somehow the gourd dog in my family.. he really takes good care of us.. I remembered once when there was a dog that was about to attack my dad early in the morning.. Ranger rushed out of my house and attack the dog before the dog attack my dad.. and he was injured because of that.. again and again he showed his loyalty..

The third dog..Snowy.. she is a mixed Terrier.. she used to have long "hair".. but recently, she had a hair cut.. although others might think she looks better with "long hair".. but she is still my lovable doggy.. and I still love her with all my heart.. She is very loyal.. and she lets me hug her when I'm down.. and trust me.. this will let me feel so much better.. maybe because the thought of having someone by my side will cheered me up..

Poppy.. The next dog that I love with all my heart.. he is "famous" with his "hand hand".. because he will give me his "hand" when he is very happy and want me to pet him.. he loves fruits.. and so, when I'm having my apple or any kinda fruit.. he will look at me with his big eyes.. and you will have to give some of your fruits for him.. because you can't possibly reject him..

Wolly,the puppy we have since last year.. in fact, he is very very he is not Snowy's pup.. but Snowy actually treat him as her son.. and he treat Snowy likes his mom.. at least we think so.. he is adorable.. but notty..

My doggies.. how can possibly love them less when they are so cute and adorable and so true.. right?


  1. wow never know that u have so many dog'ssss' leh hahha



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