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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday when I was on my way back to Subang, along the highway, there was this long jam all the way from Senawang Area up until Nilai. Well, it is understandable if the congestion is due to accidents but.. the stupid part is.. we have no idea what causes us to jam for almost 2 hours on this less than one hour journey.

Life, is it the same to? when you are very clear where you are and where you will be heading to, somewhere in the middle of the path, you will be blinded and will somehow wonder why all this "traffic" happened.. you will slow down and wonder what happen. you estimate that you will "reached" in few years time.. you might feel very much lost and will start to wonder what was your initial motive for choosing this path.. you will start to hold on your steps.. and start to look for other alternative choices of life.

Life, is all about your choices.. will you be lost half way of your life? will you start to question your choices and maybe regret what you have chosen and start looking for other alternative? I used to question myself for everything and blame myself for everything that happen around me even when I did nothing wrong.. stupid?Yes, at this point of life, I do feel stupid for all these.. but, at the very least, I grew stronger.. Life is all about choices, taking chances and learning. .right? You will learn from life, you might regret for the choices you made.. but, you are who you are because of the choices you made, right? No point regreting, learn from the mistakes and try not to repeat it all over it will be call as a waste of your time and maybe your life?

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