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Monday, June 15, 2009

So, who says more expensive is alway better?

I never know that I will see this with my own eyes.. but I guess after what I saw today.. I doubt I will go to this place ever again..

I have heard from my friends that some Kenny R. are not really that clean.. and I thought well.. it might not be that true.. Now, I know that .. I should not have doubt them.. I'm sorry for doubting you guys.. Today is the first time i have my meal in K.R and I actually think that this will be the last time!

When the dishes came.. it seems delicious.. and when I ate half way through.. I saw something black on my plate and when I have a closer look.. OH my goodness .. it is a FLY!! A dead fly "floating" on my dishes.. and I have eaten part of the food.. I can possibly vomit all of them out right? when I approach the waitress and show her.. her reaction.. was not really in shock.. it's more like a fake act to "satisfy" me? I dunno.. but what she did was.. to change the whole food in my plate with a "brand new" one.. just that.. do you think I have the appetite to continue? but, I will still have to pay for it right? so, I quickly finish it.. and actually pray hard that I will not get food poisoning..

First time, and this is the experience.. do you possibly think I will be K.R.'s loyal customer? hahaha.. Well, when you experience something bad.. especially when it is the first time you try to attempt something.. and things end up bad.. no matter how much time pass by, the shadow will still remain there, the only different, do you want to let a shadow hold you back for attempting to create a brand new experience or you prefer that to be your first and last experience?

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