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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

林俊杰 - 我还想她 & 简简单单

I used to love all JJ's songs.. with every new album.. he definitely have a song that will surprised me and somehow made me fall in love with the song.. these are just 2 songs that touched me.. sad songs actually..

the first song " I still miss her" has a part where the lyrics goes " please don't tell her I still miss her... Please tell her I don't love her .." shows that he is very much in love with the gal.. but he can no longer love her and have to let her go with the hope that she will let him go and move on with her life. You still don't really get what I mean right? watch the MV and you will have a clear view of what I mean.. if you want the MV or even the song.. just let me know..

林俊傑 - 我還想她

This second song, "Simple" , is another nice but sad song.. it actually sang out the song of broken heated.. i mean.. when you are so much in love with someone.. and eventually have to break up.. this song will sing out your feeling..


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