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Saturday, June 27, 2009

St. David Carnival !!

Yes.. for those who have my Facebook.. you guys must have know that I'm kind of excited to go for the carnival.. since it was my old school carnival.. must at least show some support.. and you guys.. actually are lucky enough that I have taken tones of photos.. and I will share some of it with you guys..

I actually enjoyed alot there.. really.. looking at those "small kids" ( no.. i'm not really that old.. but.. i guess i'm no longer a kid no more).. they are working really hard to make their stall look good.. and tried their best to promote their food.. I should at least support my junior right? and to my surprised, I never thought that to sell their foods and drinks.. they actually brave enough to call every guys that pass by them "leng cai" and those girls "leng lui"..and one of my fren fall for it.. BRAVO!!

I have a young sister that is still studying in St David .. and have been working equally hard to sell the staff at her stall.. and I actually able to drag her out to take a photo with her.

I managed to drag my friends to take photos with me too..and not forgetting my teacher
Haw (Most left), Phang, Me, Mary, Min.. and the second photo with an extra person, my ex teacher, Mrs. Yap..

We managed to go to our old class.. 5Sc1 and the memories just flash back.. I miss the old time kinda badly.. why times flies so fast.. and Phang will be going off to Tasmania in few hours time.. Who is Phang.. he is the one with the fully look in most of the photos.. We will definitely miss him very much.. at least.. I will miss him.. he has been a great great fren all these while.. I really hope we will still keep in touch..

The last photos.. I will present.. what the carnival looks like.. from the top building..

I really did enjoyed the carnival..because you guys.. my friends are there.. and I managed to meet up with you guys.. at the place where most of our memory placed.. and I really hope you guys enjoyed equally too..


  1. sigh.........too bad i cannot go there...must be a lot of fun...especially all the food

  2. Well.. not really tones of foods.. but i actually enjoyed the moment where we are bck in 5Sc1 class.. hahaha..



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