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Friday, June 19, 2009


Yes.. today is my birthday.. my 22nd birthday.. yet.. it is just another normal day for me.. don't actually have any celebration.. in fact, I don't really think my family member remember it.. or just for a moment.. they remember thn after that.. it is put behind their mind..Well, it is just another normal day.. so..

But the sad part is, I'm actually not feeling very well.. with the flu and sore throat.. caused me to feel dizzy the whole day... thought of wanting to watch movie alone.. but.. with the current condition.. I don't think I can do so..

Birthday, to most people, it is a huge issue and need to be celebrated as glamor as possible.. but well.. if I'm categorized as this batch of people.. I will feel like dieing d.. my wish is.. as long as it is being remembered.. and I get wishes from people that care for me.. I will be happy enough.. remember not because they have to remember.. but because they want to remember.. Gift? no other gift is more precious than a gift from the heart.. a song or a wish right from the bottom of your heart.. that is the most precious gift of all that I can possible get..

This year, I did not get any cake.. bit sad.. but well.. I got lots more wishes from my friends.. which cheered me up alot ! All these while, my friends from Melaka will celebrate my birthday together with my another friend.. but this friend is going abroad.. and I will definitely miss him alot.. I wonder.. will he miss us here in Malaysia while he studying in Aus? Will tis be the last birthday celebration together with him as he will studying abroad? or there are many more in the coming years?


  1. Haha...........I have been in this situation for two years loh........Birthday only one people no got another guy with me..Haha. Guess that this year it will be the same. Happy Belated Birthday!!

  2. Well, I understand.. but you also must know that.. at that time, I'm back in Mlk and still.. well, unavoidable.. so.. I really do appreciate and happy when I'm out with you guys the other day.. hahaha..



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