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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Long Distance Relationship

Yes.. this is a typical topic that will be discuss abroad.. but seriously, how many of us been through it and actually survive it?

Imagine you are having this someone that you can barely see daily.. and when actually need someone by your side.. to pamper you.. to give you a hug and say "things will be just fine".. you can only feel the thin cold air blowing on you.. seems pathetic? If you have been through it.. you will know how true it is.. you know this someone is there for you.. but you also will know this someone will not always be physically there for you.. you can only feel the existences through words, voice, and maybe image ( from 3G phone or web cam ). At times, when you didn't hear from this someone, you will get worried, and when you failed to keep in touch.. you will feel helpless..and negative thoughts will get all over your head.. and makes you even more worried but you have no other choice but to wait... When you are in the night market, super market and even in a public places, you will see couples holding hands and you somehow will miss this someone all over again. and at times, you will start to question and wonder what you are holding on.. because it seems vague..when you look close enough only you will see it exist all these while.. just that.. maybe you are drifting apart.. you start to want more than what you have been offered.. you start to want what "normal couples" have.. and have forgotten what "normal couple" don't have.

Yes, normal couples have each other most of the time. In a long distance relationship, couples will have more freedom.. or to be more precise time to feel "alone"? The truth is, when you are single, you will somehow hope for a shoulder you can rely on.. and when you finally have one.. you will want something more.. you will hope for that someone to pamper you.. to the extend that you actually hope that when you are hungry in the middle of the night.. this someone will actually come all the way to cook a meal for you.. right?

Well, someone told me this awhile ago, as a girl, we have to try not to build our world with a guy alone in our world.. we have to have our own world.. and not having him as our only world.. because the bare truth is, we will not possibly be his only world.. and when he has no time for us, and we are left all alone, what will you do? you will start to complain him for ignoring you.. for not even have time for you.. and you will feel emo.. and end up.. ruin the relationship.. but guys out there, don't ever blame your girl if they have no time for you.. and insist on asking them to give their time for you.. because before you even think of doing so, please ask yourself this question, have you ever do that for her ?

Being in a long distance relationship, is to question the fundamental element of a relationship- do you have faith in this someone? do you trust this someone well enough? - do you have faith in yourself? I never believe in lies.. because one lies will lead to another and another and another.. and eventually, I will start to question the truth from all the lies.. and you actually expect me to believe you after all these? Will you yourself believe in yourself too ?! Although trust is an important element, come on, the wording you use is equally important.. Imagine you asking that someone to marry a dog when that someone questioned about marriage.. this is a sign of disrespect for both of you.. and you expect this relationship to work ? I mean .. come on.. it might not even work in a normal relationship what more a long distance relationship when a single small issue can become a huge issue?

For those who had make a long distance relationship work until this far.. congratulation!! I know you guys have been working really hard to walk this far.. For those that have yet to go through.. I will advise you not to.. but if things happen.. be strong, be frank, trust and respect each other.. and hopefully both party will work hard enough to make things through..

You guys out there, what do you think of long distance relationship.. do you agree with me? or maybe disagree? and why?


  1. long distance relationship
    dis is a good topic
    actually dis happen in dis era
    and it is frequently and normal
    since now we always talk bout globalization right?
    let ur look to the previously
    there is no technology, no phone, no email, no msn and so on
    is there totally no long distance relationship?
    i don think there is not
    is there totally no any example of happy ending?
    i don think not too
    how bout today?
    the technology is enhanced
    we have a lot of convenience to contact one another
    so, is it long distance relationship become more easily?
    dis answer is not also
    y i put it dis way?
    bcos it is the same with everyone
    the person who in love with u
    he or she can contact u and also contact others right?
    so, wat's wrong is it?
    wat should we do for trust one another?
    wat should we do in order to get people trust?
    wat shall we do when the time becomes the main variable influences the change of a person?
    u should be passive?
    u should be silence?
    u should be emo urself
    and i can saying dat guys
    they felt dat is normal d
    when a girl emo
    it is normal
    after emo they will calm down themselve
    it is no longer normal too
    do u knw how failure u r when ur girl said dat
    "i wonder he is loving me o not?"
    dis a very good question
    but i had telling myself
    i will never let her think dat way
    human emotion is jz like a balloon
    when they emo
    the gas they blow in
    even the gas is out
    and it is jz goes into the person mouth
    the gas blow in will become more and more
    and the gas in the balloon
    and one day it will split
    guys, i don think when u emo
    dat is normal for u
    i don think u nv hope some1 listen to u
    i don think u nv hope ur girl try to listen to u
    i actually a guy
    but dat is wat i had seen before
    and wat actually a girl needs?
    they actually jz need a simple thing
    a real heart beside when they hope it besides

  2. Any other thoughts and comments about long distance relationship ?



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