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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Income Tax Dateline...

Yesterday the whole afternoon I was helping my dad with his Income Tax Borang B thingy.. I never know it can take me whole day.. I start from around 3pm.. thinking that it will take the most 3 hours.. but turn out.. I do until around 1am in the morning..

Haha.. that is the problem when you are over confident .. I admit.. I thought that I have learn tax d and so it should not be that difficult.. but the truth is, UK tax system is not really the same as Malaysia's Tax system.. After I have completed it.. I actually realized that, we Malaysian should be really glad that we are tax so little as compared to UK.. UK the lower personal tax rate is 10% follow by 32.5% but Malaysia.. 1% follow by 3%.. and we Malaysian still say it is "high"? hahaha..yes.. the tax payable amount is very much little as compared to UK.. but the major different is, as UK or even Australia's citizen, you will be able to enjoy all kind of infrastructure.. just take the most common of all, public transport.. I remembered my sister told me, the bus will come at the interval of.. 10 min? but in Malaysia... hahaha.. it will take at least 1 hour (public transport like bus)..depending on the area.. I used to wait for almost 2 hours for a bus..I actually feel like walking back at the end of the day.. that's another reason why I choose to stay at home when I'm in KL.. because I don't have my own transport and have to depend on public transport.. (haha.. I know I'm lazy)

But, the truth is, can you really be sure that , when you pay a higher rate, you will get the "benefit" from it or in other words,with the increase in your tax payable amount, do you think it will worth the money you are paying? ---^.^ v

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