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Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Yes.. yesterday was the official Father's Day.. and my brother actually come back all the way from Klang because of this.. and someone actually treat my dad because of this.. hahaha.. meaning.. I also have the chance to join in and enjoy the meal!! Hoo RAy !!

Well, unlike in KL, Melaka don't really have alot of "high class places" or cafe that we can choose.. but there is one new (not really new but only came into Melaka's picture in less than a year time) named Island Red Cafe which is placed in Bukit Beruang and Dataran Pahlawan. Well, I know this cafe actually have a "member card" which cost RM 300 that will allow you to credit from that amount everytime you spent in the cafe and when you "top up" , you will be entitled to earn some amount.. and if you are able to get someone to join the "family" you will be able to earn some amount too.. and so I've heard..Well, I have managed to get some nice photos of the dishes and drinks we have there..

The photo on the left is what I have ordered.. since I have been having sore throat lately.. but it does taste on.. the photo on the left.. is Ice Blended Mocha and their famous Island Red Coffee.. The Ice Blended Mocha does taste nice ..and it cost RM 5.4 if i'm not mistaken .. This 2 cups actually taste nice.. I especially like their Island Red cost Rm 2++ but it really taste nice.. I mean.. I like it a lot.. and I know not all will like it.. but I like it..

The photo on the left.. is.. seafood spaghetti that my sister ordered..Well, I won't say it taste bad.. but.. it taste just normal and ok .. and my friend, the one on the right, is what I've ordered.. Maryland Chicken Chop with tar tar source.. I actually like it a lot.. although it cost Rm 10++.. but I actually ate until very full.. I can't really finish all and have to ask my sister to finish it for me.. hahaha.. Below are the photos right before my sister and I start our meal..

My sister is the one on the left ..even with a "V" doesn't mean you win me ok ?! my meal is still better than yours.. Hahaha!! and so, picture speaks louder than words.. I was hungry and wanted to start my meal right before I took this photo.. hahaha.. and with the meal.. I can actually update my blog without any breakfast.. until now.. ok.. those dishes make me hungry.. I guess I need to go and have my lunch d..

All in one, IRC is actually a nice place.. at least I think it worth the money as compared to some cafe in Melaka. But, this is highly subjective.. so.. lawyers out there.. don't sue me k ! because this is only my humble opinion.. " ^.^v "


  1. The food looks very very nice!!!!! Ya, i have a friend working in there before and he told me how the system there works. They are selling food that can rarely found in Melaka. I have not try the food yet....but one day I will. Haha

  2. Ya.. you should try out one day.. the food is somehow too much for me.. i mean the volume.. but I think it will be just nice for guys lo.. and I'm not sure whether all the IRC's food will taste the same not.. but I went to DP's IRC..



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