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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebration of YY and Yian Sin 's birthday

The greatest gift of all.. is not really the cost that matter the most.. but the memory and the laughter..

I had the best gift this year.. I actually had the chance to go sing K.. happy ! Well, I know I'm not the main core for the day.. but.. I really do enjoy alot when we were at DreamBox.. Well, I know well I'm not a good singer.. but I realised, I actually have lots of fren that can sing well.. but how come you guys hardly sing or maybe how come I've been so deaf all these long? But, I guess, I'm not too late to realised this truth right?

Well, this farewell for Yuen Yi together with my birthday and his birthday celebration will definitely be one of the moment I missed the most when you are away in Aus..Well, I never know you can sing this well.. and you know what.. you should be really glad that you have a bunch of good friends.. because Gah Hung actually come all the way from Singapore for you.. and so does Yong Chin and Soon Kong.. but the truth is, you are worth the journey, you have been a great friend all these while..and I'm sure you will continue to be so.. we will really miss you here in Malaysia..

Below is one of those photo that I wanna share with you.. I don't really remember what song it is.. but.. what i'm sure is.. well.. the photo will speaks for itself.. if you are in the will know who it is.. and this will definitely be the moment you miss.. hahaha..
Duet.. Yuen Yi and Mary.. singing what song a? I can hardly recall...
and I also duet with Yuen Yi le.. just that.. Yuen Yi chosen a really high key song.. I'm sorry if I polluted the sound for that moment.. Below is the nice song that I duet with YY.. sang by the original singer.. a really nice song..

Well, I realized, when you are singing K, it is not a singing competition.. why do you care so much of what others think of your voice? as long as you enjoy urself there.. that is good enough d right? I had a good time laughing there.. because my friends, you guys are really funny.. it had been ages since I laugh so much.. and this is the best gift of all.. that I can possibly ask from you guys..

So guys, when will the next "K" section be? Will you count me in ?

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