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Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone

"... You are not alone.. I'm here with you.. "Yes, you arre never alone.. unless you want to be alone.. I actually love this MJ's song.. he was so alone when he was alive.. he is rich.. and yet alone. because he will never know who is real for him.. except for kids that will not lie unless they are told to..

Ya.. I remembered I said I was alone.. maybe because at some point of life.. I actually hope that when I'm alone.. or at least.. lonely.. without being told.. people will know.. and will be there for me.. I guess I was bit too naive to think so.. who will be there for me when they were not told to do so.. and even if they are told to do so.. how far will they be there for me? This is another reason.. why i love dogs so much.. no matter what.. when i need a hug.. just by calling them.. they will come to me.. accompany me.. and let me hug.. still.. I know.. I'm not alone.. and neither are you.. You are not alone in this world too.. I'm here for you.. if you want me to do so.. This song.. is dedicated to all MJ's fans..for MJ.. and also all of u guys.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE..

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