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Friday, June 26, 2009

梁靜茹 - Part 1

Today, after so long I have been trying to avoid listening to all those "emo" songs, my sister opened it.. and I have been listening to it all night all.. and eventually, I get emo too.. this few songs, I know is some songs Fish Leong sang ages ago.. but still this is some nice songs..

This first song, "for my good" is a song she sang to remind us, sometimes, you should look at a bigger picture.. what you see might not be what is real.. at times when you care for some minor things in life.. you might eventually lost something valuable to you..
"單純的戀愛,不是長大的才會懂..一句為我好,是好是壞..真的要到未來才知道! "


This second song, "The Third Party". Yes, I know many of you will blamed the third party.. will curse her/him, and might even feel like killing them.. but, did you ever think that the problem might exists even before they existed ? and she might just be the "catalyst" of the process? maybe you should thank them for making you , force you to look closer to the problem.. and eventually realised that the person of your dream might not be THE ONE.. and let go before you step further into the "quick sand"? listen to her song.. and hear what she wanna tell ..

梁靜茹 - 第三者

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