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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taylor Swift - Love Story & Tear Drops on My Guitar

I have decided to share 2 MV with you guys because I kind of like this 2 songs alot.. she is a really talented singer.. and a very pretty one too.. I hope you guys will like it.. The first MV is a really sweet MV... at least I think so.. and for the 2nd MV.. sad.. it is more like a gal tat is never being notice by the guy of her dream even when she is right beside him.. this remind me of a phrase " The furthest distance apart happens when I'm right beside you and you never notice I love you "
(世上最遥远的距离是我就在你身边而你不晓得我爱你) Let's just pray hard that this will never happen to you.. because this is painful.. really really painful..

Taylor Swift - Love Story

Taylor Swift - Tear Drops on My Guitar

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