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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't Judge the book by its cover !!

Today is actually the first time ever I meet up with my Mlk fren in KL.. althought it is a short "outing" but we met something "extraordinary".. I never know I will meet such incident.

We "scheduled" to meet up at one of the Mc D opposite Kota Raya. I was late and thanks for waiting and being understanding.. Well, this is not the main story. We saw an old guy (which should be around 60+ or more than 60) wearing a formal attire.He looks smart.. without his tie.. but the next move and the following move shocked me.. He was waiting for the customers to go off and he actually "collect" all the foods and drinks left over. I repeat again k .. He COLLECT all the LEFT OVERS!! He basically took the drinks and pow them into his drinks.. and all the french fries..I have no idea a formal attire old guy will do such thing.. His shorts is clean and so I assume he has a family that will clean his shirt and attire.. but does he need to do such thing? My.. at some point, I actually feel like giving him my french fries.. but.. second thought, this will definitely won't stop him from what he is doing.. so.. my fren and I hurry up and finish all our food.. and right after we leave our seat, he went and found no left over( he should be stressed because he can "collect" nothing from us.

This teaches me something.. yes.. We should never judge the book by its cover..we will never know what someone intend to do.. and have did.. so.. next time when u see me, try not to judge me by how I look k? I won't want you to bang against the wall.. Hahaha.. and to my fren, I'm truly sorry you lost your belonging. I know it meant a lot to you.. and I hope you can find it..

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