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Saturday, February 13, 2010

What's up on such BIG DAY??

Ya.. have you wondered what to do on such double big day? I mean.. heh.. Valentine together with Chinese New Year(CNY)?! It's more like a choice between family and your the other partner.. you know.. the typical kinda question a gal will ask his guy "dear a dear.. I have a question to ask.. you have to answer me frankly lo.. don worry.. I won get angry.. but you have to answer me and answer me frankly lo.. if one day, your mom and I dropped into the ocean.. emmm.. who will you choose to save first?" Guys out there.. never ever believe a gal when she says " I won't mind".... it's a matter of how well she can hide her feeling.. trust me.. don ever get yourself into trouble by buying what she said k?! .. and in the end.. you might jz be like..

Well, I won't say this year is so much different from last year.. but at least this year.. during tis 2 big days,, I'm in Melaka.. my home town!! Definitely, I won't really get bored.. alone? emmm.. ya.. this will be like the past 20++ years.. alone.. nothing much special.. expect for the fact that.. emmm.. it is CNY?!.. oh ya.. I almost forgot.. I have some other things on hand.. 2 more major assignments to do.. haih.. spoil my holidays and CNY le.. but wat to do.. this is my life.. ya i noe.. i need to bare with it for few more months and good bye study life and hello wrking life.. good? emmm.. I won say good.. I might jz think that I will have less freedom.. but wel..I need to wrk to stay free as I will have the $$ to buy goods and needs.. and maybe to pamper myself? ok.. i'm going way too far d.. back to the story..

I had been really bz lately.. bz doing assignment.. falling sick.. ya.. I was not feeling wel jz few days b4 the big day.. I went to see doc.. thn was advised to take injection.. bec.. as according to the doc.. after I took the med will not feel like vomiting ( for those who had no idea.. I was having food poisoning few days ago for few days). So, I took the injection which I regretted!! because.. my place where the doc gav the injection swollen (dark green colour).. and it's painful.. causing my hand to feel really weak.. lucky no more sign d.. else.. how can I go visiting (collect ang pao) with such ugly patch on my hand?! ok.. I'm gonig way off the topic d!! sorry.. got carried away!!

So, do you all think it's good to have such combination of big days? who will you choose le? Me? I don't really have a choice right?To me, family comes first!! I know Valentine is one big day too.. but heh.. I won wanna put my beloved one in such dilemma k! Any other day can be my valentine as long as he is beside me.. treasured me.. cared and loved me right? forcing him to choose who to go for...will shows how selfish you are? but however, if he can make it .. tat would be the best.. but wel.. if can't make it.. gals.. you know what you can do? wel.. it will be like he owe you something right? so.. emmm.. you know wat to do?!.. haha.. stil have no idea? leave a comment.. I can tell you how.. I won wan the guys to kill me off straight here..

I would like to take this opportunity to which everyone of u...

emmm.. something seems to be missing.. this year is year of tiger right? .. emmm.. ok.. tiger is missing.... how about tis photo?
.. something still seems to be missing.. oh.. I know.. without don feel my sincerity right? ok ok..

SEE.. I love this "Choi San Ye" so much I tried to hug him le.. I mean.. how nice if he likes me too right? thn I can have all the $$ I want? haha.. ok.. I took another picture too.. with the hope that.. "HE" will remember me.. and will "follow me where ever I go"..

CUTE le.. no.. I don mean me thought I so perasan meh? .. I mean this "choi san ye".. anyway, I wanna wish you all..

in the same time.. I also wanna wish you all..


remember.. you are not alone la.. you still have me and my blog to accompany you at such time right? so.. let's enjoy this special day with 2 big seasons of love?!



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