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Monday, May 3, 2010

The outside world ....外面的世界

I know I won't be able to update my blog as frequent as I used to be).. because.. I final exam is around the corner and in the same time, I need to attend interview (do wish me all the best!!).. However, I guess I still need to update some nice songs that I came across lately as .. heh.. how can I not share great songs right? but.. I have to say.. most of the songs I listen to are chinese songs ( to be more precise, mandarin songs).. those who don't really know chinese.. you know wat.. there's no harm listening to these songs.. just like I used to listen to Japanese songs without knowing what they sang.. but the rhythm somehow touched me too..

Well, Karen Mok.. she is very much famous with her long sexy legs.. but somehow..her style of conveying her songs.. is very much unique too.. the first time when you listen to her song.. you might not like it..but if you listen it with your heart.. all alone.. in the middle of the night.. or maybe when you are very much stress.. this is one song that will make you feel better..

I know in days ( oh ya.. I just realised it is DAYS instead of MONTHS).. my degree life will come to an end... and I will have to join the working world whether I like it or not.. The truth is.. it is a mixed feeling.. I am eager to work.. because I want to learn as much as I can..while I have the chance.. yet.. being way too comfortable at my own zone.. I am reluctant to step out of this zone .. where study life seems to have less things to worry about.. but.. this is life.. where this is a path that I need to go through.. because.. one fine day, maybe 5 years later.. when I looked back.. I want to be proud of myself for taking this very step to step out of my comfort zone to a path that is full of challenges.. and able to go through all of these with pride!

Wish me best of luck would you?!

In the mean time.. enjoy this nice song!!

文蔚(Karen Mok)-外面的世界 ( The outside world)


  1. all d best in ur exams n interview wei! :)

  2. @algin : haha..ya.. maybe kitkat is wat i need..

    @Voon: thx alot!! I do need all the luck i can get!

  3. Good Luck with your exam Yvonne!



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