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Sunday, April 25, 2010

AMei Vs Kelly Clarkson

After so long.. I dunno that these songs can still touched me so dearly.. I guess this is the power of songs.. when you are not at the best of your mood.. listening to all these songs.. without much doubt.. your tears will starts dripping down.. funny right? I guess maybe somehow.. I feel what she sang.. or maybe she sang out wat I felt? or maybe in some sense.. it is true to say that no human being is a robot that feel nothing.. I do feel tired, sad and emo..not always but I do have all these feelings.. however, I guess you will not find all these in me.. If I ever have the chance.. I will go for A mei's concert.. and I will bring my mom along..

ok.. I know some don't really know chinese and don really listen to all these songs.. a similar song will be


  1. personaly love ahmei song..i love Chinese song

  2. oh ya I have to agree with u!! I love chinese song alot!!



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