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Monday, April 5, 2010

Blogging really = NO LIFE ??

Somehow.. the other day while chatting with Supia and Dawa about no life.. but first and for most, I really would like to know wat is known by NO LIFE ? having a life where you are doing the same thing over and over again = no life? really? keep blogging also equal to no life? I mean.. I enjoy blogging.. enjoy chatting at Innit with all those bloggers.. so.. I'm categorised as "no life" too? but I know well that.. this shld be considered as so much better thn those who plagiarized one's work.. which.. I think I'm lucky enough not to be famous enough to experience such disaster.. (THANK GOODNESS!!) XP

Ok.. Supia didn't really say blogging = no life ( I better start to explain clearer b4 she got angry and tembak me).. haha.. but I would have to say.. if you can enjoy blogging.. it can be one part of life? just like you enjoy reading my blog.. right? Having said that you work, study, sleep, do assignment thn the routine does all over again does not mean that you have no might mean that you have no other extra time doing some other things but it is definitely one type of life to me.. At the very least.. it is a life that I would say.. a "productive life"? this type of life is so much better than those who waste their time taking drugs.. those mat rempit wasting their life endangering others valuable life right?

So, what can I say? I will not agree to the statement that blogging = no life and i will not agree to the say that study and wrk = no life.. but I am wondering.. I know that one that can sleep whole day long is someone that is so so lucky.. but those person ..categorized as "no life" too?


  1. If someone would come to me and tell me that blogging = no life, I will ask him/her to get a life instead. Our words are from our own heart within our soul, blogging might be in our blood too. That's what we call a life.

  2. if u got no life, u've got nothing 2 blog about. haha. so, i dun think blogging = no life. =)

  3. Depends on how the people look at it.
    Some people may say those who likes to go to the cybercafes are lifeless, but that's not exactly right and it ain't precisely wrong either.
    Blogging is still a new trend to many.

  4. Blogging is for interest. It's equal to life for me. The one and only place where I usually feel happy: to blog. =D

    If blogging is = to no life, then so many people no life. lol

  5. Hmm, if blogging is classified as lifeless, then there will be a hell bunch of lifeless people in the world! LOL.

  6. I am life-less. wakaka.. dear, i wun get angry de larh. just dun angry i so late only comment. hehe..

    If you like what you are doing. then just go ahead.

  7. I don't think blogging then means no life. Some even take blogging as a career leh..

  8. I blog to make ppl laugh, tat is life for me^^
    A lot of ppl blog about how they enjoy life too.

  9. people who blog does not have a life? then wad do they blog about??
    they blog about their life la! so they DO have life lolx!

  10. Lol! I wish I got more time to blog :P

    I really enjoy it and its part of my life, albeit, not as important as spending time with Mr. Wonderful.

  11. WA.. i see so many ppl reply to tis.. proving that..bloggers do have life.. just that.. we prefer to write things down in our very own way.. and there's nothing bad about it.. right? WAY TO GO BLOGGERS!!

  12. lifeless? i don't think so, if you do something that you don't like and it repeating everyday = lifeless that's all. at least you're enjoy it! =)



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