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Friday, April 9, 2010

What will you do?!

At some point of time.. you will and might be in some kinda dilemma.. I came across such news years ago.. a couple met some bad guys.. and the guys were bad enough to threaten the gal to have sex with them else they will kill the guy.. and to save him.. she agreed.. I have to solute to her.. I mean.. in such condition.. I have doubts on whether I will really do such thing.. I mean.. ok.. it might really seems to be such a huge deal.. but.. the effect after the "agreement".. have you thought of it? Will he still be with you? Will he gets angry with your decision? will both of u really work it through?

I mean.. if you were in such dilemma.. will you agree to it? let's see.. from a girl point of view.. you are doing it out of love.. it seems like there is nothing wrong with it.. you can save someone.. someone that ur treasured alot.. but from a guy's point of view.. will you mind after what that had happened? although she is doing it because she love you alot.. and doesn't wanna lose you.. but will you get through it.. and "appreciate" what she did? one day.. if similar situation happened, will you fight for her like wat she did? can both of u really work it through?

So many questions.. so little answer.. I got to know that.. most of guys.. in some point of time, are selfish.. they doesn't wan wat they have to be shared with others regardless of what.. but.. in this circumstances.. can you accept it? Ultimately, can you still love her the way you used to? Will this change everything? I guess it would be highly subjective.. but what I see it.. it will never be the same.. regardless of how you work things out? but is it really so? I dunno.. but it's something that i hope to get feedbck from..


  1. I'd love her more than anything after that! Yes of course at some point it does bothers me a little bit - it would be a lie if I said otherwise - but then again, not enough for me to leave her! That will be cruel after she has done so much for me. She has proven her love for me so why not I do the same? :)

  2. 士可杀,不可辱
    the words normally real from guys

  3. Want answer from your boy boy eh?? Its depends, I dunno what to comment but its take a lot of courage for a girl to do that.

    Should ask guys for more opinion.

  4. In my point of view, I will appreciate and love the girl more. Sex is overrated la, it can never replace love in any way.

  5. This is 1 complicated situation, dealing with life and future. The girl "sacrificed" herself for him, does he know what happened at the first place? Most of the time, when such situation occurred, keeping distant will be the answer. Most of the time, guys will not appreciate her, like you said, selfish, it is.

    Apparently, there are no definite answers in such situation, different guy will think differently. As for me, if I knew my girl did that for me, I'm surely touched, with pain, accepting her will be my answer, no doubt.

  6. i think the girl should have picked other wiser ways....what if she "sacrified" herself and yet her bf is not pardoned by the bad guys? Girls today should equipped themselves with more courage and don't succumb to the bad guys. Take care ya!

  7. just let the male die la. so easy.

  8. ah this is the hardest question to answer...really, DILEMMA is not a good thing.

    But let's look at situation..u see, the gal did that for u and wat would u react? Appreciate her more in the future. This is the most rationale solution. Unless if the guys feel disgusted and decided to leave her, that is morally wrong. If she can sacrifice for us, why cant we do the same. In most cases, girls are always at the disadvantage side (pratically in most cases). But who shuld we blame? No one!!

    I think it still comes to the consensus and maturity of a person to handle these dilemma. Been in relationship makes one grow mature and it helps ppl to realize what is right and what is not. I cannot say everyone should do that but at least let ur conscience and rationale work.

  9. Things will never be the same for them.
    If I'm the guy, I would probably appreciate her. We cant change the situation, but we can definitely choose our reaction towards the incident in this case.

  10. Well, just so u know.. I did not face such dilemma.. and I hope (praying very hard now that) i will not face such dilemma.. but I can see that most bloggers (male) are taking in the good way.. proving that u all are great guy!! let's hope and pray that such thing will never happened on us!!

  11. Here's what I think the perfect guy will do

    1. He'll tell me in under any circumstances not to do it for his sake cos he treasures me more than his life.

    2. He'll fight them to prevent those pervs from touching me.

    3. At this point he'll tell me to run. And I'll run. Well frankly I don't want his sacrifice to be worthless.

  12. but Jan, it's someone's life you are talking about.. if something happended to him how? but.. thn again.. it's just something to think about.. let's hope we will never have to think about such question.. ever!! and Welcome to my blog~~



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