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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

.. and You know very well that you MIND!! ..

oh ya.. I'm sure no matter how "generous" you are.. I'm pretty sure you will mind.. right? but what do you mind ?? ok.. well.. I was in the library waiting for my cousin ( mind you that I have to wait for 4 hours). .and just when I was half asleep.. I realised a guy kept going out of the computer lab and he was on phone.. and I guess he must be talking to his "sayang" { ok ok.. I know I'm kepo (busy body) but not to the extend that I will purposely listen to what he talks.. but I simply can't help it!!--> He talks way too loud to the extend that I feel like going to him and "SHHHHHH" I guess he might have forgotten that we are in the library.. but heh.. how can I miss such entertainment whn I am rotting in the library right?} and He goes like " heh sayang .. .. you are embarassing me... you should have trust me.. check my emails.. and dunno what ex ... and.. " sorry gals and guys.. He was practically speaking Indonesian.. and all I can pick up are this much.. but all that I understood was that.. his gf was checking through his emails and saw some emails which I think was 5 years and I guess she got so jealous and did some crazy stuff that makes him kind of upset.

Ok.. end of story.. but What I got was.. well, you know you mind and why do you went to check up on him? is it because you still don't trust him? or is it all that he did still failed to gain your trust? I mean.. heh.. don ask me to trust when you still failed to gain my trust right? You can't expect someone to trust you when you failed to convince the other party that you are trustworthy right? I know many couples that mind about the history of their "partner".. but.. one thing for sure.. you can't possibly change what that had happened right? what you can change is the futures .. If you are certain that history will hunt you.. why bother to dig it up.. and makes both of you suffer? If you don't mind ( which is a total lie.. but to the extend that you are sure that it will not bothered both of you).. maybe you should try out by asking ..

Well, I know that one's history might project one's future behavoir.. and it might actually affect your relationship.. but.. if you actually think that this is might be your future.. I think it is best that you try to accept his history so that there will be a future for both of you.. There is no need to lie about it? becuase one day or another.. what ever that you are trying to run away from.. will hunt you back.. you don't believe me? try it out.. and let me know if it's true? because.. this is my lecturer told me.. faced it and you will realise that it is just one small obstacle of life.. right?

P.S: I guess someone should feel a huge relieve that I don't really mind that much of the history which affects the potential future.. right ? XP


  1. Hard to say, not everyone can open up their mind to accept the past, maybe they don't want the same thing to happen, again? Precaution perhaps.

    And yes, if you have problem, face it, no point running away, the Earth is round enough where there is no dead road in front.

  2. Wel, if you mind so much.. why you want to know right? might as well don't even ask.. right? but.. not my call.. because I will ask.. and I just want to know.. will not get too over it.. as long as what ever that is told is true and no lies!! else....

  3. ya..i thk most ppl are selfish too

  4. lol...i guess it's human nature to check their partners past. Well, all in all, u just have to trust ur gut feeling.

  5. best to lay it out^^ not too eaarly though but at some point better to show then to bw found out^^



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