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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I know it has been long since I last updated my blog.. I am sorry.. I guess the main reason is because I have been lazy.. well.. I have been trying hard to get use to new environment.. and new living style..

Why say so? ok.. let me give you a brief "glance through" as to what have been happening..I cooked.. ok.. I don't usually cook.. but for the first time in KL.. I actually cook.. and to my is enjoyable..

However, I get to know a really bad news.. this post is dedicated to him.. We used to be close.. but due to some issues.. we somehow lost contact.. yet.. he is nice enough to remember my number.. and my birthday.. each year.. during my birthday.. i will get his sms.. wishing me.. except for that.. I don't really see him.. or even chat with him.. Lately, I got a news from my friends.. telling me that.. he had left us.. to somewhere far far away.. and I only get to know this about half a year later. ..Come to think of it.. I have yet to get any sms frm him tis year.. I thought maybe he is working in New Zealand and he is very busy.. lost track of time.. or maybe he is living happily now.. hence I don't really give much thought on it.. but it never cross my mind.. he is no longer around.. and whenever I hear this songs.. or see Sandy Lam.. it will remind me of him.. I have to be frank.. I can hardly recall his face.. because it has been awhile since I last see him.. but the thought that he is no longer around.. somehow.. makes me feel sad.. and in the same time remind me that I should always appreciate people around me.. and never take things for granted..

Hence I would like to take this opportunity to say..
Thanks you for being there for me when I needed someone..
this is not only dedicate for you.. but for everyone that read this..

Below is an attached of the song.. enjoy!

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