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Monday, August 9, 2010

A song to remember..

I am pretty sure that most of you used to hear this song.. and in some part of your life.. you actually love this song.. you might not know how to sing or what it is all about.. but you certainly like this song.. Ok.. I shall be fair.. it might not apply to all.. but I am kind of sure that.. it apply to most.. I am part of the "most"..

I used to know how to sing.. and some part of my life.. I kind of forget about this song.. until recently.. I over heard this song while I was driving.. and next thing I know.. tears dripping down.. Yes.. to me, every song has its story.. this is one story that I can barely remember.. and so I thought.. I thought it is a history that will fade away with the pass of time.. I seriously thought so.. yet.. somehow.. I remembered the feeling.. something that suprised me..

This song used to be so popular that it took me sometime to actually find the original song sang by Utada.. with English lyrics.. I hope you all will like this song as much as I do..

First Love - Utada Hikaru

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