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Friday, August 20, 2010

Have you ever wonder..

Time to think.. and it will be good.. if you can think really hard.. and wonder.. why time flies so fast.. and did you really appreciate those that stayed by you or staying by your side when you really do need them?

Yes, I know well that.. most people do take things for granted.. and some of them. .will regret at that point of time.. and promise to appreciate.. but as time passed by.. their promises started to fade away all over again..

One used to tell me.. "prioritize your life! you know wat is important to you.. and try not to look back at he choices you made.. ".. Well said.. but the thing is.. if you never look back, you will never know what you did wrong.. and history will repeat itself all over again.. and this is what we are trying to avoid right? However, at this point of your life, the thing that you placed first.. might not be that important as time passed by. .and you might regret.. hence.. not to look back? wel.. I would say.. it depends.. you are who you are today.. and we are human.. which is main to do learn from mistake.. the most importantly.. we need to ADMIT that we did WRONGLY and LEARN from MISTAKE. . both admitting and learning must come hand in hand..

I had a chat wit one of my closest friend while I was in Form 6 the other day.. and it strikes me.. I have lost contact wit her for.. almost 4 year (and i can get a bachelor degree with that period).. We used to discuss everything under the sun.. and i do mean everything.. but now.. I don't even know how she is doing.. and have been doing all these while.. how sad.. but I am glad that.. this is one place that connects both of us together.. at the very least.. she knows how i am doing.. After all, this is one place where i can be myself.. without pleasing anyone.. while I am blogging.. my priority is none other than myself.. but in the real world.. I don't live by myself.. I have people around me to pleased. I need to make sure most people are happy.. even though it will mean that I am unhappy, stress or sad.. this is me.. and it can be really tiring to wear this mask going around..

I know not many still do read my blog.. but it is ok.. because one thing remains.. I still do feel good to update my blog. .and feel relief to be myself here.. I do not know what the future hold for me.. Am I meant to do big things? but at the very least, I am meant to build my own world.. a world which belong to myself.. and for now.. this is my world.. a world that belong to none other than.. myself..

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  1. hello yian sin! quite long long time view ur blog d haha...nice blog yooh!! all the best ya^^



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