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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are you really sure that extra marital affair is good??

By chance, I came across with this article which makes me wonder.. are you really sure that affairs is a constructive catalyst in a marriage? ok.. maybe to some point, she is not entirely wrong.. but I am curious.. the whole article says about guys having or I should say.. enjoying the affairs .. which the "suffering" party- the gal.. will have to bare with it.. and ultimately.. able to go through this this disaster right.. Ok.. wel.. she makes me wonder.. the whole article only mentioned that about a guy having an affair is bearable..

Let's look things from another point shall we? If...this happens to the other party.. maybe the female that is having an affair.. will this be applicable as well? I would say.. certainly.. NO.. why is it so??this is merely because, we human being.. are selfish.. can you bear with betrayal? regardless of the reasons.. can you? if you are a gal.. to some point.. you might considered.. but guys.. can you stand all these? chances are.. you will end up having a divorce.. right? Why am I so sure?? wel.. of course this does not apply to all guys.. but.. heh..I realised that most guys.. they are more "small gas" than you can ever imagine.. the reason they says " it is ok.." is because they have a name to uphold..a name called "gentleman"... but like what I said.. we do have a limit before we shows our real colour.. However, try not to test how far is the "limit" for we gals k? You might be taking things for granted because you ASSUMED that we gals doesn't have a limit.. but.. at that point of time. .we might not have the strength.. the ability to shout things out.. but do bear in mind that.. we are not stupid.. we KNOW what is happening.. once when the limit is exceeded.. TRUST ME.. you won't want to know what's next k??

Like what I once said.. please be fair to all.. if you think affairs is good for marriage.. then.. you should tell you wife.. and have a mutual agreement that.. both party can enjoy their affair "openly".. that.. to me.. will be a fair shot.. and it might actually be good for a marriage.. but.. if you are certain that you will not want to share your wife with others.. then.. please.. make sure that thoughts such as affair should never cross your mind.. else.. you might just regret for what that will follow by?? May be you have some other thoughts? please.. by all means.. share with me!!

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  1. pass by, i'm strongly agree with u~



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