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Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you the tree, leaf or wind??

I believe most of you would have read or at least heard of the story of tree, leave and wind? If you have yet to hear of it, you can read if from here ( for chinese vesion )or here ( english version). Ok.. let me be frank, the english version.. is not translated by me.. but it is simply "copy and paste" from somewhere else..

However, reading back at this story.. which I once got it from some1 that is no longer standing around me.. it somehow has another meaning.. but.. let's keep it for another day shall we? Back to this story.. Some presume them to be only one of those 3 characters.. but.. I am pretty sure that.. we've been through the 3 stages.. or maybe.. we will be going through these? it is a matter of time.. Hence, there is no certainty as to.. whether you are the "tree", "leaf" or the "wind".. ok ok.. you might not agree with me now.. but I am pretty sure.. one day.. u will agree?!

At some point of time.. when you are way too confident that you are worth the time for some1 to wait for you.. it is when you are taking things for granted.. you are known as the "tree".. one that will only look at things that are ,of your "definition" ,of "your standard". When you only look things align with your eye side, it is when you starts to lose out? Ya.. life is about opportunity cost.. when you wishes to gain from one side.. you will have to, whether you like it or not, forgo something.. but do bare in mind that.. when you choose to forgo.. never take things for granted by assuming that.. you are worth the wait.. because.. no one is worth for one's time to be wasted waiting for.. Time does not stop for anyone.. However, if you do think it is worth the risk to take.. go ahead pls!! But, if you are taking this risks.. never look back if things do not go as planned.. because.. you asked for it?!

Leaf, you are either way too insecure, too confidence or too ignorance to think that you will get what you desired.. if you wait.. you wishes to prove that.. time will tell.. that you are the best? but , are you? You are too insecure to make the first step.. to step out of your comfort zone..or you are ignorant or maybe too confidence to enough to think that.. ultimately, you will be the only choice that comes into his mind.. if a decision is needed?? So, whether he/she is too insecure, too ignorance or too confidence.. that.. I leave it to you to answer..

Wind, how should I put this.. you are the savior.. Without your existence, leaf will not even have the courage to make the step right? however, how strong can you be? Are you sure that you are able to withstand the bonds between the leaf and the tree? Are you sure that.. ultimately.. you will win? I am pretty sure that.. if you without a try, you will not know.. but, please do bare in mind that.. this is not a game!! A game where, if you are able to pull the leaf off the tree, you will win and it is your choice to throw the leaf aside.. and you can be the tree to the leaf all over again? Wouldn't it be way too cruel to do so? You have to know that.. it takes more than just courage for the leaf to step out of the comfort zone? Ok.. you might noe all these.. but you still wish to experiment all these? ok.. go ahead thn.. but do noe that.. Karma will hunt you down.. What goes around comes around..

So, are you the wind, the leaf, or the tree?? .. .. ..

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