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Saturday, October 2, 2010


There are lots of things remain unknown.. or I should say.. remain unspoken... or to be more exact.. it should be said as.. remain unwanted to be known.. Yes.. I know.. At times.. you wish to know something.. but somehow.. deep down inside.. you are afraid to know.. because you know.. in some degree.. you care too much to know that.. the story behind all these might hurt you deeply.. I know how you feel.. because without knowing it.. still.. you will feel unsecured.. but the consequences of your curiosity.. might cause you to know severe headache.. because you have to try solving or stay calm trying to find a way out of this mess.. This is where I am... It will not be possible to see all these from me.. because.. I wear a mask? but if you were to look into my eyes.. or to feel what I am feeling.. you will know..

Some were shocked to know that.. people at my age actually have my mind set.. But the thing is.. I have to.. not because I want to.. with all that I faced.. it will be impossible to not have such thinking.. is it a good thing? ok.. wel.. the truth is.. I guess I have to be glad that.. I think one step further? I asked when I don't understand even though it might sound ridiculous.. It can be kind of stress to be who I am.. but I guess.. I have to look strong.. to be able to stand up and face the world.. I cannot hide away.. because.. like some1 once told can run.. but you cannot hide.. it will haunt you.. until you are brave enough to face it.. and overcome it.. I am not case you don't know.. but I am working hard to make myself strong enough to not to step back when I face obstacles.. I am working hard to be comfortable with what ever that is happening around me..

Below is a nice song.. a song that I would have.. entertain me when I am pressured with my surrounding.. at the very least.. it sang out the part that says.. "things that you do not know".. because.. if you think you do know me well.. do think again pls..

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