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Saturday, September 25, 2010

我還是我- I AM WHO I AM

I came across this video posted by Namewee today. I am pretty sure most of you will know who is he right? He is one artist which I can't help but to respect him so so much!! He is dare enough to speak up without fearing of anything.. How nice if I can be like him.. maybe I care way too much at times that I rather keep things to myself than to speak up.. Ya.. I do realised that at times.. I put others above me.. How can I not do so once I put myself in their shoes.. understanding how they are feeling.. I would rather keep my feeling for myself.. and remain silence.. this is who I am.. wearing a mask and facing the world.. tired ? Hell ya.. but wat else can I do? speak up? maybe.. one day.. but today might not be the day..

The thing is.. if you have yet to realised.. the only thing that remain unchanged around you is change itself.. don't get me? Well, think hard.. things are changing regardless whether you like it or not.. whether it is for the best or for the worst.. hence.. it is change itself that is remain unchanged, because it will continue to change right? If you have yet to realised.. I am still who I am.. I am still this gal that has tones of questions waiting to be answered.. I will continue to ask questions whether you like it or not.. whether it irritates you or not.. because I realised.. it is never right to assume stuff.. when I don't know.. I should ask.. even thought common sense can answer this question.. but I would rather hear it from you than to assume the answer from you.. I do know it can be irritating at times.. but you know wat.. It's all up to you to choose whether to answer or not.. but I choose to ask.. I might be emo at times..or rather.. most of the times.. but I will settle my own feeling.. this is who I am.. I am independent? tat.. it is not up to me to say this..

I really like this new song of his.. you can have a clearer view of his lyrics from here .

Below is his new song..

還是我 I AM WHO I AM by Namewee 黃明志好好野專輯主打

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