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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mind your words pls?!!

I over heard this today while I was driving to work.. ok.. I know I have been outdated.. well.. I hardly read news.. and the only source of update on current news.. solely based on the 10 min news update from Radio will not be good enough.. but.. lazy la.. hahaha XP..

Ok.. back to the topic.. I heard about this one thing.. which I do think clarification is highly needed!! Ya.. I know rape cases increase significantly through the year.. However, the thing is.. how can you blame it so much on female's attire? I know.. I know.. somehow or rather.. it does contribute in someway.. but heh.. if you blame it so much on female's attire.. thn.. does it mean that.. divorce cases that increase tremendously.. I can start to blame it on guys that are not loyal and cheated on their wife? Ok.. let me clarify here.. when a gal feels good about them selves.. why can't they wear which ever attire that they like? there is no rules saying it is forbidden right? However, it doesn't say or has the label on their forehead saying that.. "Heh.. You are welcome to my world!" This reminded me of a post I once wrote. Men, are they just risk taker? or they are sole short sighted? Ya.. I know some gals which to show off of how they feel about themselve.. but there is nothing wrong with that.. However, it is wrong to make assumption.

About divorce cases.. well.. I wouldn't make assumption that most are due to disloyalty from their beloved ones.. but I do know that some are.. However, this still do puzzled me after so long.. guys.. are they really just short sighted? or they are merely risk taker? With the hope that their action will not be found out.. they desired took over their thoughts.. and shits happened.. so.. who to blame? really.. doesn't it seems clear? why do you have to put the blame on others? Can't you just reflect on your action and maybe.. think before things are spilled out? Well.. I almost forgot that.. they risk taker.. However.. I am not saying that.. all guys are.. I do hope that you are not.. and you will think hard before any actions are taken.. before once it is done.. it is done.. there is no turning back.. Looking back at my post.. I realised I wrote it in Chinese.. for those that don't really understand.. ok.. I will translate part of what I wrote in english for u this time.


I once observed this one case.. which I believe.. most of us do see such case happening .. yet.. we choose to ignore.. choose not to see and understand.. There are ppl that willnig to give up a happy family just bec of "their desire".. let go of the one that has been sleeping beside you for so many years.. your children because of desire.. all these because you wish to go for some "fresh meat"? However, with the if you asked the similar question to a woman.. will they be willing to do so? Maybe they will do so too.. but so far.. I have only heard of a woman that is willing to let go of everything because of her family..but not vice versa..They are willing to take in anything just to see their children smile.However, if we were to change the character of the story to a guy.. how many of them willing to do so? . Maybe there are cases that Men are willing to do so.. but if we were to compared.. what will be the ratio? There is such case I observed.. He is willing to sell his property for his mistress, with the hope that his family will accept her.. his wife will understand.. HA.. won't that be way too.. "fairy tale"? How many woman on this earth will be able to accept such "non sense"? He ended up losing everything.. his family, his wife.. his children.. his mistress.. So.. wat is the feeling of losing everything when you wises to get everything? He took things for granted.. and ended losing everything!Why didn't he think of such ending before he make his first move? Ended up trying to commit suicide will bring him no where either.. His action will only make his ex wife felt glad that she let him go.. at the very least.. there is no need to live her daily life looking at his "betrayed" face.

However, if such case happened on a woman.. I am pretty sure that the whole world will start to blame her.. scold her.. Still I can hardly understand.. why guys can be understood.. but why can;t this apply to a woman if the same thing happened on them? Before a guy even think of making the first wrong move.. can't they see the consequences of it? Are they risk taker? or they are just short sighted? Still, in the end.. they will end up saying.. " I am sorry.. please do forgive me.. I am no god.. I will make mistake too.. I promise.. there is no next time.. starting from now.. you will be the only woman in my life.. .. blah blah blah.." Chances are..the wife might just forgive him because she understands that their children still need their father..but there is no guaranty that this will be the last time he said so.. TRUST is build upon time.. it can never happen in a day or two.. Hence.. once you owned it.. do keep in.. don't ever break such miracle.. because once you lose it.. it might never return..

So, anyone out there willing to take up such task.. and maybe try to enlighten me with " whether man, they are short sighted or risk take?"

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