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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A word for you.. or maybe directed to myself?

What can I say? A lot of things have been happening around me.... I see people being happily together.. and breaking up.. some trying hard to stick together.. some..

Ya.. there is this say.. it is not hard to fall in love.. it is harder to find someone that love you back.. how true is this? that.. is subjective.. but one thing for sure.. no matter how much in love you are.. maybe when you are deeply in love.. you want to believe that, nothing will change.. but one day, when one expectation after another wee not met.. you will start to realise, the only thing that remain unchanged, is change itself.. as everything will change.. whether it is for the better or worst..

You disagree with my saying? Well, look around you.. currently studying? one day you will go into the working world.. and you, therefore, will change.. from the inside out.. or outside in.. you will change.. from the way you talk.. to the way you think.. One day, you will realised, the person that was so close to you.. seems to be so far apart.. ya.. i have a bunch of great fren.. most of them study different field.. and we started to drift further and further apart.. I still do "love" them deeply.. and I know well that if they need helps, i will try my best to help out.. but.. they have changed? or is it.I who started to change?

We cannot avoid change, therefore, we should go along with the change? This makes me wonder.. is there a duration or a definite distance that can make a long distance relationship work? I mean, from what I see, everything will eventually change right..will a long distance relationship eventually work out and somehow overcome all the changes or challenges that come by? Well,that is a question I do not think I am qualify to answer.. but one thing for sure, it is not an easy job to sustain it..

I believed we used to be puzzled with, what kinda ppl we will eventually ended up with.. when we were young.. we would hoping for the best.. one that does not really exist bec it is a "all in one package"... I used to be questioned with this too.. and I will end up saying practically nothing.. at this stage of life, I don aim for good looks , well, who am I to aim for model looking guy right? haha.. I believe one that I can trust, one that I will feel secured with.. that is the main priority.. If i cannot trust you.. how can I trust you with my feeling? How can I feel secured being beside you? I do not need fortune tellers telling me what will happen... I will create my own future.. Yes.. I am not certain what will happen along the road.. I mean, who will be certain of the future.. life itself is a risks.. but am I ready to take a road not taken? This I shall remain silence on.. however, I have come this far.. I intend to continue with the walk? Those that I have entrust with trust.. please do not let me down? I will need you to stand by me.. catch me when I fall.. dance with me when I am happy.. and sing along with me when I am stress out.. for, I will do the same for you too!!

These are the songs that brings back memory.. I still do love these so so badly bec it touched me so so dearly..Does it remind you of some memory?

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